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We like to party. We like. We Like to Party.



Imagine what Daft Punk would be like after playing on the road for 5 years. Imagine the robots packing the van countless times, driving from town to town and spreading the joy of their carefully constructed french beats tete-a-tete with their fans instead of from their space ship orbiting the earth. Imagine being able to watch the robots sweat while taking a solo or grimace while hitting a high note. Imagine Daft Punk playing in your house. In your house.  It stops being a fantasy and starts to seem very real when you see DPT.


Formed by a group of friends in TORONTO CANADA, Daft Punk Tribute aims to be a live performance of the music of the French DJs. With like, real instruments, no backing tracks and no loops. Since the release of their highly anticipated record; RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES, this creative choice seems uncannily similar to the direction that Daft Punk themselves are taking.


Hailed as “Smokin” by the Toronto Star, and “One of the Greatest Daft Punk Cover Bands” by BlogTO, DPT has recently begun to step out of their canadian comfort zone. Following a blowout show at NYC’s Highline Ballroom, expect a whole lot of hustle of these Canadian dance wizards.

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